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Law students who took our courses knew exactly how to answer the different legal propositions they came across at internships and during interviews. With our excellent mentorship and career development strategies you will get access to a network of premier lawyers and law firms who believe in the strength of practical legal knowledge. Our courses perfectly supplemented the university course curriculum from where our students came.

I was in the final year at RMLNLU and was aware that if I fail to get a campus placement offer or a PPO, I would have to face lot of interviews. I had to be well versed in all aspects of law especially corporate and business law in order to crack the interviews. Even if I manged a PPO or a campus placement, I had to be aware of all basics of corporate law inorder to perform well in my job. I wanted a career in corporate law in a tier 1 law firm. All this was not possible with the knowledge gained through the law school curriculum only. I had to learn the business law basics in a practical manner and this diploma course was the perfect solution to it. This course provided an excellent curriculum around that. All the modules were very well planned with lot of emphasis on practical knowledge. The module I personally liked the most was the one related to the Companies Act and SEBI regulations. These were very informative and helpful. The webinars with Industry experts were another plus point of the course. These webinars exposed us to few of the best brains in the industry and their views and thoughts about different aspects of law.

Divye Bahadur

Associate, Trilegal

I joined the course's first batch and at that time there were only a few modules on the online portal with promises of many interactive live and video sessions from people with a varied experience in the field of corporate law, all of which was delivered.
The course helped gain a keener insight of the issues that business face and understand how the whole legal industry actually revolves around the extant business needs. Thus, having a commercial understanding of issues was paramount.
Not being from a top-tier law school, I accept that it is quite hard to get a job at BigLaw. Having said that, it is only through internships that a law student like me could hope to get noticed and picked up. However, what is most important I feel, during the short stints you get at the internship programs offered by law firms, is to show that you really want what you are there to do. Moreover, basic human values do not get unnoticed. If you are sincere and honest towards your work, it shows. And I might add, is widely appreciated too.
This course has immensely helped me during my internship. Since the course provides a good insight into not just one or two but many areas of law and keeps you abreast with emerging issues in the field of law even if you do not read a lot otherwise, it provides a good compilation of all the things you need to know and show case your knowledge during your internship. Thumbs up to your team for that!

Suyash Sinha

Associate, Direct Tax at Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas

Even though I have not incorporated a company, or prepared contracts or worked in taxation till now. However, I have managed to advice friends on a family settlement, structuring of a non-profit and certain aspects of IT Act, based on the skills that I gathered in the course.
I have mentioned this course in my CV and interestingly, I have been asked about it in almost 95% of all the interviews that I've faced for job and master degree alike. This course creates an impact and in most cases it got the interviewers very interested in my candidature.
The course not only enriches one's intellect with not just information but with practical based exercises which are very helpful while working in a professional setup. The topics which are covered are very interesting and there is no equal for such diverse course content in India currently.

Fatima Quraishi

Environment and Resource Policy Student at The Fletcher School

The course at the beginning took me some time to understand especially the way it works. You don't get to know the usefulness of the course unless you confront a situation which tests you. However, apart from the contents which were provided to me, I feel the webinars were really helpful. Overall, everything was new to me and I had a good experience pursuing this course.
Eventually this course was immensely helpful while I was preparing for job interviews as the course provided me with knowledge which is core practical in nature. The academics and the timely assistance of the course ensured that I do fairly well in each of the interviews, I appeared for. Not only the course prepared me for the interviews but have provided me the opportunity to get my first job at Innove Law, Mumbai. When I joined Innove law, the first thing which landed on my plate was a 30 million venture capital fund raise. I was a fresher and I had no experience in dealing with termsheets, shareholders agreement and other related documents. To my relief, I had pursued this course and had idea about them. Apparently, the best part of this course is that I have access to the study materials even after a year of completion.
Even today, whenever I am stuck at work, be it negotiating term sheets or in relation to reviewing of shareholders agreement from a promoter's perspective, I know where to look at. The materials provided by this course on fund raising has been immensely useful in my day to day work, where I primarily work on deals related to raising funds and its other related aspects. Other modules are equally knowledge building.

Unnita Bhattacharya

Associate at Krishnamurthy & Co.

At the time of joining the course, I had decided to pursue my career with law firms and it was a natural progression for me to join this course. I'm very happy with that decision of mine because I feel that my purpose of joining the course was well served. The course was very well structured and the process of pursuing it was smooth. It encouraged me to apply my knowledge and logic rather than just memorize theoretical knowledge. I'm very confident that this practical approach would help me when I start working at law firms.
I particularly enjoyed the drafting exercises because this would be the kind of work I will be doing when I will be working with law firms. This exercise gave me a firsthand experience in drafting. Another useful skill I learned from the course was due diligence. During my internship, I was involved in due diligence and I feel that the course really helped me as it covered due diligence in a detailed manner.
I strongly believe that mentioning the NUJS diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws in my CV made me stand out and helped me get shortlisted for interviews. Apart from interning with several prestigious law firms including JSA and AMSS, I have advised my friends who have started their own business.

Chirag Narasimiah

Associate at Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co

During the course I particularly liked the module on M&A and Joint Ventures because the course presented these concepts from a different perspective than what was taught in college – which was mostly sections and case laws. This course covered the strategic and management angle. Learning about drafting various clauses and negotiation was also quite useful.
I was skeptical as to how practical things can be taught in an online course. However, it was a very practical approach compared to the theoretical concepts that we are taught in law college. I also found the section on FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act) to be very useful. In fact, at some points, especially before my interviews, I felt that I would love to take up the course one more time to refresh my knowledge.
For the next couple of years, I plan to work with a law firm and then decide to continue with law a firm or join any corporate as legal counsel eventually. Also, I'm on the advisory board of a startup based in London and I believe that this Diploma course has helped me to understand and address the concerns of a startup business.
My experience during the course was amazing and the team was very supportive. I still eagerly wait for the NUJS newsletters and find them to be enlightening.

Jhanak Singh

Associate at Seth Dua & Associates

I'm hundred percent satisfied with the course and my expectations from the course were totally fulfilled. The course provided a holistic view on each topic like contract drafting and liquidation preferences. The webinars were really helpful; they gave us fresh new insights and access to the best brains in the industry.
I especially found the modules on Investment Law to be the interesting. The modules on Liquidation preferences, FDI and NRI banking were most interesting.
I benefited the most from the Capsule course on SHA and SSA drafting lessons. I still refer the course and get good direction from it, and I take notes and patterns from it while drafting agreements.
Not just the course curriculum, I have benefited immensely from the mentorship provided by iPleaders team and career services such as CV consultation and mock interviews. I got a sense of direction and completely changed my CV after the guidance provided by them.

Praveena Pechetti

Associate at Tatva Legal

My primary objective for joining the course was to gain practical insights into the practice of business laws. During my internship, I found that there is huge difference in studying law in college and applying the knowledge while working at a law firm. The NUJS Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws gave me the confidence and expertise to deal with practical scenarios which is otherwise hard to come by, and definitely not imparted in law schools. The course was very useful for me, and the purpose for which I took it up was well served. Going forward I can see that this course will really help me in my work as a corporate lawyer. I will be able to apply the knowledge gained through this Diploma course in my career which would in turn help me deliver the high performance that my job demands.

Pranjit Bhattacharya

Associate at Trilegal

The course syllabus covered a wide range of subjects and focussed more on the practical aspects of the law. Webinars by industry experts were the highlight of the course structure; it gave practical insights into complex subjects in an easy-to-comprehend and interactive manner.
The Delhi University law curriculum is broad based and not particularly focussed on Corporate Laws, whereas most of my internships were in Corporate Law. In order to acquire a strong foundation in Corporate Law, I searched for a suitable course to enhance my knowledge. The NUJS diploma course fit the bill.
My expectations from the course were fulfilled and it gave me an edge over others. It provided me additional confidence in dealing with my assignments in my current job.
All the course modules were well designed but I personally found the module on drafting to be very practical and beneficial.

Ritunjay Gupta

Associate at J. Sagar Associates

I can definitely say that this course has added value to my profile and facilitated my growth. The knowledge gained through this course has boosted my confidence and helped me get through many interviews. I found the modules on Arbitration, FDI, and Corporate Governance to be extremely informative. The module on drafting provided various templates that gave you a framework to build on. The webinars by various industry experts was an added advantage of this course. These were exceptionally outstanding, interactive and provided the much needed insights from a commercial point of view.

Mehak Gupta

Associate, Economic Laws Practice

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