Terms and Conditions Applicable

Last Updated 5 April 2017

(a) Academic Council shall mean the academic council of the University.
(b) Academic Programme shall mean a programme of courses and/or any other component leading to any of the online certificate courses.
(c) Academic Year is a period of specified in the course devoted to completion of requirements specified in this Regulation.
(d) Course Coordinator means the Course Coordinator appointed by the University for the certificate courses.
(e) Certificate courses means any of the certificate courses of any duration as approved by the Academic Council.
(f) Student shall mean a candidate admitted to the online certificate courses of National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata.
(g) University shall mean National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata.
(h) Vice-Chancellor shall mean Vice-Chancellor of National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata.

(a) The certificate courses shall comprise of textual/video materials/exams and/or other components as approved by the Academic Council.
(b) The content of the course shall be delivered online through a secure learning management system (LMS), and will be available for 1 year from the date on which the access will be provided to the student. Beyond this time, a student may retain the content of the course for further use after the completion of the stipulated time by paying a renewal fees to the content provider on an annual basis and as specified from time to time or any such means as decided from time to time.
(c) Unless specifically allowed, the content may not be available for download or in hard printed copy, although you may keep your browser tab open for accessing it offline. However, checklists, flowcharts or other actionable documents shall be available in a downloadable and printable form.
(d) Any circumvention of technological methods to access, print or download content will be liable to be prosecuted under applicable laws. The content is licensed only to the student of the certificate course, sharing of login details with any other person is not permitted. The University can from time to time devise such measures as necessary to deliver content in a secure manner.
(e) The minimum period required for completion of a programme shall be either three or four months depending on the course you have subscribed for. The student can take the exam any time after the stipulated time for the course and up to one year from the date of commencement of the course.
(f) University can adopt such procedures, rules and regulation at any point of time during the course which might be necessary to maintain academic standards and to ensure secured delivery of content, even though it might adversely affect an individual or a certain group of students.

The candidate must have cleared their 10+2 examination or equivalent from a recognized school board in India or abroad to be eligible for taking admission into any certificate course.

(a) A Student shall appear in the re-examination by paying a re-examination fee as may be prescribed from time to time, as and when it is held, and secure the minimum marks.
(b) Only students who have failed to secure 40% marks in aggregate of all the tests will be eligible for re-examination. For removal of doubts, it is clarified that there will be no examination for improvement of marks.
(d) In case of re-examination there will a single MCQ based test of 50 marks. All the previous marks in any other examination will not be taken into account.

All cases regarding reported plagiarism and use of Unfair Means in the examination shall be placed before a Standing Committee on Unfair Means to be constituted by the Course Coordinator for decision in individual cases, and for recommending penalties, if any.

A student shall be awarded the Certificate if;
(a) He/She has enrolled himself/herself has undergone the course of studies, completed the examination as specified in the curriculum within the stipulated time and secured the minimum 40% marks or the grade equivalent to that i.e. ‘C’
(b) There are no dues outstanding in his/her name.
(c) The student has sent the hard-copy documents to the University and the same have been approved by the University.

(a) All students who meet the criteria for issuance of Certificate under Clause 6 will be issued a Certificate. It can take up to 10 months to issue the certificate after successful completion of the course.
(b) Students can apply for issuance of transcripts of the program by paying an appropriate fee as notified from time to time.
(c) All certificates will be dispatched through a reputed courier company or India Post. In case a courier is returned, the student may have to pay the cost of re-couriering the documents.

Hereby you are granting iPleaders and NUJS rights to use your name, photograph and any work you produce as part of coursework to promote the course in a reasonable and truthful manner. You are hereby authorising us that the assignments submitted by you, if found to be of a sufficiently high quality, may be published in journals and blogging platforms in your name to showcase the work of our students and alumni. You also agree that iPleaders will have unlimited and unrestricted (in terms of geography and time) license to publish the works produced by you during your participation in the course for promotion of the course.

You are free to publish any of the course work or assignment that you have written yourself and is an original work in any online or offline publication provided that you specify that the article was produced as a part of this course and a web link (onlinecourses.nujs.edu)of the course is provided along with such clarifications. This will help us to establish that you have submitted original work for assignment and not re-submitted your previous work and also help in enhancing the stature of the course.

The university course fees is not refundable. In case of any difficulty or feedback, please write to our support team. In most cases we have gone to extraordinarily lengths to support learners and incorporate their feedback.

Notwithstanding anything stated in this Regulation for any unforeseen issues arising, and not covered by this regulation, or in the event of differences of interpretation, the Vice-Chancellor may take a decision as he/she may deem fit. The decision of the Vice-Chancellor shall be final.

Notwithstanding anything contained herein, the University may amend and implement the rules, whenever required, in the interest to maintain standard of academics and any process related to admission or delivery of content.